More on mobile technology and health research…. #ResearchKit and @OfficialNIHR photo competition on theme of diversity and equality

Interesting news from the US last night that a number of pharmaceutical companies – GSK and PurduePharma being the ones cited – are now looking into the use of Apple’s new ‘ResearchKit’ app in clinical research.

‘ResearchKit’ was launched in March this year with many saying it would be a game-changer in medical research.  My understanding is that the significance of this latest move is that – up until now – those using ResearchKit have been not-for-profit organisations.

This particular report from ‘appleinsider’ also suggests there are rumours that some thought is being given to ResearchKit’s application to DNA Testing.  This slightly more detailed report from Buzzfeed says that, so far, ResearchKit has been used by a range of not-for-profits to sign-up 75,000 participants to research.  Amazing if true.

And in other news……

I encourage you to visit the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) website.  It’s better than ever with a steady flow of news now being put on it.  In particular I wanted to highlight NIHR’s second photo competition which is open to all.  I am really pleased that this year’s theme is ‘diversity and equality.’  Closing date is: 23 August 2015. More details here.

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