Government research going AWOL #MissingEvidence

It's worth noting this new report by Sense About Science published today. Entitled 'Missing Evidence: an inquiry into the delayed publication of government commissioned research,' it uncovers a quite staggering degree of ignorance within many Government departments about the policy research they have or have not commissioned, its status and publication. Over £2 billion worth! ... Continue Reading →

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but….pharma

Here is a gripping report from this week's 'Adweek' (based in New York) about the new marketing strategies being used by pharmaceutical companies. Don't be put off by the reference to 'Obamacare.' The story is equally applicable to the United Kingdom.  For it is essentially a tale about how disease is being re-packaged. Patient data is the new... Continue Reading →

Is science at ease with itself?

Trust, respect and openness have felt big themes for the week. I was really sorry not to get to 'Sense about Science's' annual lecture not least because it meant I missed Director, Tracey Brown, do one of her fabulous welcomes and introductions.  The main act was Cambridge University historian, Professor Richard Evans, who examined the relationship... Continue Reading →

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