[The definite article] and why it stands in the way of a definitive plan for UK science

****you might also like to read William Cullerne Bown's analysis of the Science Minister's speech referred to in this blog and which appeared on the same day as that below*** Yesterday the Royal Society posted on its website the full text of Lord Rees' Christmas Lecture to the Science and Policy Research Centre. Its worth a... Continue Reading →

Is science at ease with itself?

Trust, respect and openness have felt big themes for the week. I was really sorry not to get to 'Sense about Science's' annual lecture not least because it meant I missed Director, Tracey Brown, do one of her fabulous welcomes and introductions.  The main act was Cambridge University historian, Professor Richard Evans, who examined the relationship... Continue Reading →

Putting the 'public' in UK plc

Science politics could get mighty difficult for those of us prone to mixing up names.  What with Lord Drayson as Science Minister. And Sir James Dyson advising the Conservative Party.  We might need to look twice when next going to our understairs cupboard.  Two of Drayson's predecessors as Science Minister - Lord Sainsbury and Lord Waldegrave - were... Continue Reading →

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