NIHR launches new poster campaign on public involvement in research #twosides @OfficialNIHR @NIHRINVOLVE

two-sides-poster-1-thumbThe UK National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) has launched a striking new poster campaign entitled #twosides to raise awareness of the importance of patients and the public to making health and social care research happen.

There are three posters to choose from in the series and you can download or order posters here.

These pages on the NIHR website give some examples of the way in which people can get involved with the NIHR and contribute to its world-class research.

We hope that people will put the posters up in their hospital, surgery, at events and meetings – wherever you think they might help to raise awareness.

The is the first time that the NIHR has done such a poster campaign on public involvement and we hope it will start the conversation about public involvement where you are.


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