A tale of two viruses: COVID-19 and community – engagement and involvement in a time of national crisis (inc. links) #coronavirusuk

We are united. We are divided. We are together. We are isolated. We are community. We keep our distance. What strange and anxiety-inducing existence is this? We spend our days and nights in two perpetual states of being at the same time. Shifting restlessly, guiltily between them. The world has become smaller. Our homes smaller... Continue Reading →

It says something when even the regulators get hold of public involvement @MHRAgovuk @HRA_Latest

Many patients and their families fighting for the right care or seeking redress for wrong-doing will eventually find a regulator in their way. It takes courage, a strong heart and much tenacity to take on such organisations; these are the bodies that pull the levers, tug the strings but also seem to revel in complexity... Continue Reading →

A conversation with Alexa about public involvement in health – ‘Sorry, I don’t know that one.’ #digitalPPI

Privacy campaigners have reacted with concern to the announcement by Health Secretary, Matt 'Prime Membership' Hancock, that the NHS and Amazon have done a deal to provide health advice through its Alexa smart speakers. The concerns need addressing although I feel a lot more chilled out about it than some of the things Alexa already... Continue Reading →

Getting research results should be blinkin’ easy for patients. Survey launched by @HRA_Latest

You don't have to worry about blinking and missing something in UK research if you are a patient. No. You could probably have a metaphorical afternoon nap. Or whole night's sleep. Perhaps even frozen cyrogenically for a few years. And still be waiting for some things to happen that are in yours and mine interest.... Continue Reading →

UCL Centre for Co-Production in Health Research issues call for new pilots (£10-15k available)

The UCL Centre for Co-production in Health Research has issued a call for new pilot projects. It is looking for collaborators (organisations or groups of individuals) who are interested in delivering a co-production innovation, piece of research or intervention project. There is (£10,000 - £15,000) available to apply for per project. The deadline for applications is 14 June.... Continue Reading →

We need to talk about dying. Personal reflections. New campaign #TheDepartureLounge

Last night I attended the opening of the Academy of Medical Sciences' (AMS) wonderful new public dialogue project #TheDepartureLounge . It's all part of a campaign to encourage us to talk more about death and dying. The pop-up interactive initiative in Lewisham Shopping Centre really is great and the poetry on the night was a... Continue Reading →

Musings on the role of senior academics in supporting public involvement in health research in universities and institutions

This blog was originally inspired by a passing reference I saw in a research proposal. In talking about their plan for public involvement the applicants referred to a 'Senior Academic Lead for Patient and Public Involvement...' It got me wondering. OK, initially, it spurred me on to sit down at my computer keyboard and huffily... Continue Reading →

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