From peer review to clinical trials

So there I was this morning talking about peer review, when what should come through the Ovarian Cancer Action letterbox but our certificate of best practice from the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) for our peer reivew practices.

It’s great to have this ‘quality-mark’ for all that we do as a research funder. If you want to read more about AMRC’s peer review audit process have a look here.

By the way I forgot to mention this article from The Guardian that covers the RAND Europe reports. AND you can vote on whether the peer review system should be changed or not.

I know some of you like to finish the week on a clinical trial so here’s a good local newspaper piece from East Lancashire about the trust there beating its targets for clinical trials. It’s also a good story about the role of the NIHR clinical research networks in helping to make it happen.

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