(Science) Bloggers of the world unite

It has been a long week!

But my spirit was much raised by the person who approached me this afternoon after my speech at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine Annual Symposium.  They said they liked my ‘science’ blog.  But on reflection I should have corrected them.  For I am no scientist and I do not pretend that this is a science blog or at least I hope I do not.

Writing my blog is a little like living in what they call a tri-state area in the United States, falling as it does between three worlds – charity, policy and science.

Anyway, the real reason for this post is that I wanted to pass on and hopefully spread the word more widely about Sense about Science’s new guide to the libel laws for bloggers informed by their survey of bloggers in September 2010.  An excellent initiative and as a blogger by whatever definition you choose to make, they certainly have my support.

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