Patients wanted to talk about public involvement in surgical trials #PIRRIST @joannacrocker

I’ve been helping colleagues get this study off the ground so would appreciate your help either in spreading the word or by contributing directly. As follows.

….Are you currently involved in a surgical research trial? If so we need your help!

We are looking for patient or lay advisers, partners or representatives to take part in a group interview (called a ‘focus group’) about PPI, and recruitment and retention of participants in surgical trials. (‘Retention’ means keeping participants in surgical trials once they have been recruited, so that all the relevant data can be collected.) We would like to explore your views and experiences of these things.

This is the second stage of a project led by the University of Oxford, in collaboration with partners across the UK. We want to develop an evidence-based PPI intervention to improve recruitment and/or retention in surgical trials.

We are very interested in your views even if you don’t have any experience of recruitment and retention. To thank you for your help, we would offer you a £20 gift voucher (choice of high street shopping voucher or Blackwell’s book voucher).

Please visit the website for further information and contact details.

…There’s lots of great info on the website including the study materials and also a webinar explaining the project.

Thanks. Have a good evening.

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