Are you the next Director of INVOLVE?

A Happy New Year to you all.  Here’s to your very good health and much happiness in 2016.

I am no futurologist so my predictions for public involvement in health research over the next 12 months should be taken with a pinch of salt.

However, I do know one thing.  The appointment of the new Director of INVOLVE is going to be one of the most important in UK public involvement for some time.

It’s an exciting opportunity to build on the incredible work of the outgoing Director, Sarah Buckland, and her team over the last decade or more; to steer INVOLVE so that public involvement becomes a permanent feature of how research excellence is defined in the NIHR; to extend its influence nationally and internationally.  You also get to work with me and what’s not to like about that? 🙂

The job advert appeared on the University of Southampton just before Christmas and can be found here.  The closing date for applications is 18th January 2016.

Good luck to you if you choose to apply.  Otherwise, please pass this on to someone who you think might be interested.

Looking forward to working with you all.



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