NIHR and ABPI conference in November on ‘big data’

Click here for details of a National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and Association of British Pharmaceuticals Industry (ABPI) joint conference on harnessing big data for health gains.  Takes place in London on 21st November.

The more it is used the more I dislike the term ‘big data.’  I mean, how to alienate your public in one go.  That’s why companies no longer use the word ‘big’ in advertising or references to inanimate objects. Hey ho.  I will be on the panel in the afternoon trying to put a human face on data.

Funnily enough on, the ABPI page listing this conference, they also have their statement on the House of Commons Science and Technology Report on Clinical Trials.  Here’s my blog on that report.

ABPI/NIHR Data conference

3 thoughts on “NIHR and ABPI conference in November on ‘big data’

  1. Big Data is only good when it is made understandable. Hans Rosling’s explanation of world health spending is almost as good as it gets. Watch on YouTube

    Imagine us looking at incidence and spend in research in a similar way. We would visually see the gaping difference between different diseases and conditions? We might ask better questions about fairness and justice?


  2. Humanising the concepts of “Information Systems” should be our first goal always, we are getting there slowly inside the organisation but taking on the trendiest, biggest bubble-bursting concept and taking one of its key words could be challenging! Can’t wait to help try though!


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