Pharmadrama – it’s not what you do it’s the way that you do it @EFPIA @PMLiVEcom

This is a brief one.

EFPIA – the European Federation for Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations – has this morning launched a manifesto for putting pharma at the heart of evonomic growth in the European Union (EU).

It’s a comprehensive tome. With laudable recommendations and objectives on many things I would agree with it on such as access to medicines.

But it’s woefully short on commitment and detail about how it will work differently with patients and the public; the sort of business re-engineering needed if its stock is to rise with consumers. Apple and others taught us that.

Janssen’s Jane Griffiths has talked today about the desire to see the pharma industry revered by society: Pharma needs to be “revered by society."

I like that ambition. But the sector must show greater intent than in the manifesto launched today.

Last month my colleague, Mark Flannagan (Bearing Bowel Cancer), and I wrote in Pharmafile about the need to put the conversation between patients and pharma on a different setting. And set out some initial ideas for how to make this happen;

Perhaps we should have a ‘safe haven’ conference funded by industry and bringing everyone together for the purpose of an open and constructive exchange of views, A ‘clear the air’ event with a view to a joint statement of commitment to doing things differently signed by patient. research and pharma leaders.

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