List of Academic Health Science Networks (AHSN), their Chairs, MDs, websites, Twitter feeds, priorities

Goodness knows what made me start to do this.  Perhaps it’s the ‘public servant’ in me.  Hey ho!

Here’s a list of the Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs), websites (click on the relevant AHSN name), their MDs, Chairs, and Twitter addresses.

An interactive map of the AHSNs areas can be found on the Yorkshire and Humber AHSN site here.   But just so you know the areas look like this:


East Midlands, Rachel Munton (Managing Director), Martin Hindle (Chair), Peter Bates (PPI lead) @EM_AHSN

Eastern, Dr Robert Winter (Managing Director), Professor Sir Michael Rawlins (Chair), @TheEAHSN

Imperial College, Adrian Bull (Managing Director),@Ldn_ICHP

Greater Manchester, Raj Jain (Managing Director), @GM AHSN

Kent Surrey Sussex, Guy Boersma (Managing Director), David Clayton-Smith (Chair), @KSS_AHSN

North East and North Cumbria, Dr Seamus O’Neil (Managing Director), Dr Arnab Basu (Chair) @AHSN_NENC

North West Coast, Liz Mear (Managing Director),

Oxford, Gary Ford (Managing Director), Nigel Keen (Chair), @OxfordASHN

South London, Chris Streather (Managing Director) Richard Barker (Chair), @SLondon_AHSN

South West Peninsular, Rennie Leach (Managing Director), Dr Andrew Vallance-Owen(Chair),

UCL Partners, David Fish (Managing Director), Sir Cyril Chantler (Chair), @UCLPartners

Wessex, Martin Stephens (Managing Director), Fiona Driscoll (Chair), @WessexAHSN

West Midlands, Kate Hall (Managing Director), Professor Michael Shephard (Chair), @wmahsn

West of England, Deborah Evans (Managing Director), Steve West (Chair), @Weahsn

Yorkshire & Humber, Andrew Riley (Managing Director), Sir Andrew Cash (Chair), AHSN_YandH

Some of this information can also be found on the NHS England website. In fact, through that you can also find a very interesting ‘matrix’ showing the priorities of each AHSN.  East of England and South London have listed public involvement as cross-cutting themes.  I also know that some such as West of England have got a robust approach to it.

But now you have the twitter addresses for each you know what I would do if I was you?  I would drop my respective AHSN a twitter Xmas card asking them how that public involvement plan is going.  After all, patients are for life not jus for Christmas.

Glad to be of service and very happy to correct any mistakes.

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