Turning ‘red for research:’ staff show their true colours

This deserves a wider audience.

During my visit to Nottingham yesterday I met some of the staff from the Medicines for Children Research Network (MCRN) in the East.  They have recently adopted a new ‘red for research’ uniform that all staff have to wear in clinical areas.  You can read more about it in their newsletter here.

It is interesting to read the different reactions.  But it also shows how a very simple change can make research a talking point, which is what we want.

Should we adopt this across NIHR Local Clinical Research Networks?   Personally I think we should.

Have a good weekend.

4 thoughts on “Turning ‘red for research:’ staff show their true colours

  1. I hope that you will make a full and honest declaration of interest in this matter – ie the receipt of some children’s sweets that were given to you!


  2. Great idea & love the immediate & powerful visual impact idea. Only one tiny nagging worry – when you ask people what red means you are likely to get answer ‘stop!’ or ‘danger!’ … Could that be an unintended negative consequence – or can we replace the ( quite deeply embedded) ‘red for danger’ idea in people’s minds?


  3. I think it is a great idea and in Colchester the research nurses do the same – I think they wear green there. Patients often complain in hospital that they can no longer identify who any staff are as they all wear the same ! I think it will help with your it’s ok to ask campaign – easier to know who to ask.


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