Help us make sense of the placebo effect…

I am involved in this follow-up study to one published a few months ago (and covered on this blog) about the poor information given to patients about the placebo in clinical trials.  In the first instance the researchers are looking for people to input into the design of a leaflet.  Details and contact email follows:

Have you ever taken part in research before?  Would you like to help improve the way research is communicated to patients?  Researchers at the University of Southampton are writing a new leaflet to explain placebo-controlled trials to patients and would like some volunteers to help.
We are looking for 10-20 people who have taken part in a clinical trial or other medical research.  We will send you a copy of our leaflet and you can either write to us with your comments, email us, or talk to us over the phone.  The leaflet is only one-page long, so we do not anticipate it will take you too long to tell us what you think about it.  For more information or to volunteer, contact Dr Felicity Bishop on

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