Patient View launches EU health ‘apps’ directory

Patient View have today launched a new EU director of health ‘apps’ – these are the things people download onto iPhones and other smartphone devices.   As I understand it each of the health ‘apps’ was recommended by patient groups and patients across the European Union. They are categorised according to the service they provide.  You can download the directory here or from the Patient View website here.

It is the nature of these sorts of reference tools that they are out-of-date as soon as they hit the street; even more so when we are talking about mobile technology.  But in an email exchange a few weeks ago, Patient View’s CEO, Alex Wyke, told me that the plan is to bring out further editions.  So that gives you and me time to also suggest ‘research’ focused apps for inclusion such as the UK Clinical Trials Gateway (UKCTG).  In fact there seems a paucity of health apps that are about health research and that are patient-focused.  I understand that the plan is also for Patient View to enable developers to get real-time consumer feedback on their apps through organisation’s website.

Anyway, it looks a great initiative with a cunning plan for the long-term behind it.

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