Neurological Alliance issues wake-up call to Government and NHS over neurology services

The Neurological Alliance which represents over 70 charities in the field has wheeled out its big guns today to highlight the lack of preparedness across the NHS to meet the needs of increasing numbers of people with neurological conditions.

It really is wheeling out its big guns such as Steve Ford at Parkinson’s UK and Simon Gillespie at the MS Society.  I think the former is due to appear on Radio Five at 5pm according to Twitter.  The call by the Alliance follows a damning report on current services by the National Audit Office before Christmas and comes ahead of the Alliance appearing before the Public Accounts Committee later this week I think.

It is calling for a Government tsar to champion improvement and a plan for future delivery of services.  Read the Guardian amongst others.

And because I can’t let my post of yesterday go, take note this is what a united and impactful campaign looks like.

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