Y’All: I still don’t really know what the BIS Science and Society strategy is about, do you?

I've been meaning to post this ever since it came across my Twitter feed some weeks ago. If you go on the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) Science and Society Strategy pages you'll see that they have published updated action plans for each of the 'Expert Groups' set up in 2010.  These groups were tasked to... Continue Reading →

Guest blog: update on public engagement at ‘The Crick’

Some time ago I invited John Davidson, Communications Director at the Francis Crick Institute, to send a piece about their public engagement activities and plans.  This is what he sent me earlier this week.  It seems somehow fitting with a weekend upon us...... ......There will be large queues waiting patiently but excitedly outside the site... Continue Reading →

Neurological Alliance issues wake-up call to Government and NHS over neurology services

The Neurological Alliance which represents over 70 charities in the field has wheeled out its big guns today to highlight the lack of preparedness across the NHS to meet the needs of increasing numbers of people with neurological conditions. It really is wheeling out its big guns such as Steve Ford at Parkinson's UK and... Continue Reading →

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