Caps-off to non-EU talent, says AMRC

With parliament returning tomorrow for a two week spell ahead of the party conferences, it would seem that things are springing into life again after a month of self-sedation.  Today, we publish our responses to the UK Border Agency and Migration Advisory Committee consultations regarding the proposed cap on non-EU migrants.  See here for more.  Or if you’d prefer just to read the news release you can do so here

With around half the money charities provide universities for research going to fund scientists including those from non-EU countries this is an importaant issue for our sector.  The essential point is that poorly designed limits on non-EU economic migrants to the UK could adversely impact on charities’ ability to fund research in the UK. This problem is particularly acute for some of AMRC’s more specialised members focused on specific conditions for which there may be a limited pool of expert researchers.

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