Charities leading the way in stem cell research..and globally at that!

Charities working on an international scale is a topic that I have occasionally written about on this blog from time to time.

One of the team here in the office  passed the following on to me.  I thought  it was worth posting as a good example of a charity taking a leading role in setting-up an international research collaboration.  In this case, we are talking about the MND Association who are funding their first ever stem cell research project involving scientists in the UK and United States.   I thought the video from Scottish TV was also rather good.  Professor Sir Ian Wilmut is of course well-known because of Dolly the Sheep.’

Today’s did you know about AMRC is…did you know that there are only three other Associations like AMRC around the world:  The Health Charities Coalition of Canada (27 members) (HCCC), the Health Research Alliance (45 members) in the US and the Medical Research Charities Group (31 member charities) in Eire.  Each has their own particular slant on things with the HCCC more focused on influencing work, the HRA on supporting standards development in charities and MRCG having a somewhat broader brief than all of us in that it also covers fundraising issues.

2 thoughts on “Charities leading the way in stem cell research..and globally at that!

  1. Hi Simon

    It would be very helpful to have a list of any Twitter feeds for AMRC member charities – might this be something the AMRC could collect and share? Clearly not all charities will be tweeting but I’d like to follow those that are.

    I’ve created an ad hoc list of official charity feeds and included a few people I know in those charities who often tweet about charity matters – but there might be a couple of non-AMRC people in there too.

    Thanks also for highlighting allied ‘AMRC’ type organisations around the world.



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