A new paper on ‘involving people with intellectual disabilities’ in the STOP #diabetes study holds lessons for us all

One of the things I feel incredibly fortunate about in doing my role is that people send me all sorts of interesting papers, articles, videos and other stuff.  I do get round to looking at them all, although it can take me a bit of time. More often than not something will bubble to the surface... Continue Reading →

INVOLVE launches new benefits advice service for public involvement in NIHR research @NIHRINVOLVE #ppibenefitsadvice

This is an important and timely intervention by INVOLVE to ensure people get the right advice and support about how payment of fees and expenses for their public involvement in NIHR might affect their receipt of state benefits.  Please read the following for more information on how this service will operate. With thanks to our... Continue Reading →

New webinar series on public involvement in adult social care @NIHRINVOLVE @OfficialNIHR

This is for the mods and rockers among you who spent the last week at the seaside and missed the twitter announcements.... Great to see this focus on public involvement in social care. ‘Get all sides of the story’: public involvement and participation in adult social care research The NIHR School for Social Care Research... Continue Reading →

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