Cancer report highlights need for more research into quality of life issues @macmillancancer

We can all be heartened by the picture portrayed in Macmillan Cancer's 'Cancer: Then and Now' report published yesterday. The report is a fascinating look at how the life chances of people with cancer have changed over the last 25 years.  People on average are now twice as likely to survive at least 10 years after being diagnosed... Continue Reading →

National cancer patient survey raises more questions about patient access to research

The results of the National Cancer Patient Experience (NCPE) 2015 survey were published this morning.  It's an important insight into what people with cancer around the UK think about their care and treatment. For the last three years - and thanks to the tenacity of colleagues on the National Cancer Research Institute Consumers Liaison Group (NCRI CLG)... Continue Reading →

Is it time to give patients the opportunity to self-refer themselves to take part in NHS research?

Harpal Kumar, the Chief Executive of Cancer Research UK, yesterday posted a blog about the new task force he is leading for NHS England on cancer diagnosis.  The aim of the task force is to enable people to get an earlier and speedier diagnosis of their tumour in the future.  But it will also be looking at treatment and... Continue Reading →

Medical research may appear a pantomime at times but all good pantos hold a lesson or two

First his head came into view, followed soon after by his tail..... On Boxing Day Cancer Research UK issued figures suggesting that almost 600,000 deaths from cancer between 2007 and 2011 could have been prevented by healthier lifestyles.  Then, on New Year's Day, we were told that scientists at John Hopkins in University in the... Continue Reading →

Pharma is just not wired to act in the public interest when the chips are down

It has been an interesting 24 hours for some of our goliaths of research funding. Starting with the positive, Cancer Research UK (CRUK) rolled out its new research strategy this morning: 'Beating Cancer Sooner.' Its bold new vision is to see 75% of people surviving the disease in the next twenty years. That's compared to the 50%... Continue Reading →

Cancer patient experience survey results show variations in access to clinical trials and research

The results of the annual cancer patient experience survey are out today. For those of us committed to improving patient access to clinical trials and other research, this year's report is particularly interesting.  As far as I know, this is the first year that the survey asked patients whether taking part in research had been discussed... Continue Reading →

Patients helping cancer research go stratospheric for the benefit of others

Cancer Research UK's patient recruitment drive which has just got going as part of its Stratified Medicine Programme is getting  a lot of attention today. One patient, Wendy, is quoted in the news material as saying: 'Even though I won't benefit from that research, it's comforting to think that my experience with cancer will be... Continue Reading →

Cancer Research UK does not have all the answers..and that’s an invitation to the rest of us

I see that Cancer Research UK last week put out a press statement about the need for the UK to have strategic vision for medical research. You can find further details on their blog and they also issued a document entitled 'Building the Right Environment for Medical Research.' Thoughtfully the announcement and document have been... Continue Reading →

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