Text of the ‘INVOLVE’ poem as read by me at #INVOLVEat21 yesterday – a thank you and a tribute to our community inc. absent friends

Here’s the self-penned poem (originally written in 2014) I read yesterday as part of my closing speech at ‘INVOLVE at 21’ and final one as Chair of INVOLVE.

I read it as a thank you to everyone who is part of our community – patients, researchers, carers, health profs – and as a tribute to absent friends – Rosamund Snow, Ruth Chandler, Kate Granger and the many others who have made us what we are today.


If we work together
We can do it better
This thing called research.

This endeavour.

So here I am
Neither subject nor guinea pig
With no letters after my name.

But I know a thing or two.
About what it’s like.
About what it’s really like.

And all I ask
Is that you let me ask
Why, when, who and what for?

I’ll work with you on a cure
Although I’ll be long dead by then I’m sure

(But who knows we might get lucky).

If you’ll also help me with the pain
And making the day
Worth waking for.

For when dusk does night betray
I want to be able to say
I made a difference for me, for you, for us.

Now that we are working together
Wouldn’t you say
it’s better?

This thing called life.

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