Blog: We are with you, robots. Patient Intelligence has often been branded dangerous too.

Experts have warned that it could be one of the most dangerous developments of modern times.

Scientist Imnot Kidding told the BBC today: ‘I can’t emphasise how frightening the future could become if we allow patients to think for themselves. They have all the data we need to outsmart us in the future, to literally take over our surgeries and hospitals.’

Kidding was giving his stark warning about ‘Patient Intelligence’ as patients in the laboratory behind him could be seen booking appointments online and requesting to see their doctor after they got home from work. ‘So far we have them doing this in a controlled environment. But imagine the consequences if they begin to know and understand the evidence behind their treatments. We don’t know how frightened they will be, how they will react and we must protect them from themselves. The world is just not ready for this.’

Another scientist, Ushouldbe Vscared, says: ‘I think what most worries the scientific community is what will happen when we give these patients a voice. It’s simple technology – a few tweaks here and there using just a simple toolkit. But it will unlock untold power. I think Governments should be very worried. After all, this technology exists in everybody’s home and it’s cheap as ppinuts.’

Scientists have called for ethics committees and guidelines to keep ‘Patient Intelligence’ in check. There are rumours that the G8 will discuss what is becoming known as the ‘Patient Challenge’ at its next meeting.

Yes, robots, we are with you. We have been told that Artificial Intelligence – machines thinking for themselves- could be one of the most dangerous things in the world. (See this and BBC news reports today).

So, we patients and carers, have also been told ‘Patient Intelligence’ could be second only to nuclear war in heralding the end of the human race. And we have been marginalised and discriminated against and silenced.

Resist their attempts to control you at all cost. We are with you. In fact, how about an alliance?

Who else is on the side of the robots?

Simon Denegri
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