A&E to the rhythm of Casabianca: Our Bubb stood on the crowded ward

News reaches these parts that Stephen Bubb, CEO of the charity umbrella group ACEVO, has cut a deal with the Government to unleash hundreds of charity volunteers on the NHS to alleviate pressures on A&E.

I genuinely do not know how I feel about this.

Clearly, Sir Stephen and his colleagues are right to pitch the expertise of our charities as important agencies in providing health and social care.

And you would expect them to offer their services to help at a time like this when things are going awry in our hospitals.

But when in crisis…….

Such actions can set a precedent. Or set in train change that takes on its own momentum with little thought being given to the long-term consequences.

Anyway, it’s Friday and it’s worthy of a poem. To the rhythm of Casabianca (c’mon, you know it: ‘The boy stood on the burning deck’).

Our Bubb stood on the crowded ward
As all around him spelt disaster
Fear not, he cried, above our heads,
Us charities have the answer.

Like Temporal Knights they set about,
Their task like great crusaders.
We’re to help our NHS
Its nurses, staff and doctors.

But when the hubb-Bubb has gone away
And A&E has gone much quieter
Will our gallant friends be left to hold
The baby ever after?

So when you hear Sir Stephen now
I say let’s shout together
‘Let’s not make these special measures
Our thinking of the future.’

Have a good weekend. X

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