Some research and public involvement haikus

’cause it’s Friday. As Morrissey said: ‘some haikus are better than others.’

Haiku I

Knowing my illness
Puts researchers to the test –
benefits us all

Haiku II

When sharing data
It’s polite to ask me first –
Consenting adult

Haiku III

I ask the questions
You work out all the answers –
I say which ones work

Haiku III

Genomic testing
Working out consequences
Dancing toe to toe

Haiku IV

A thin slice of me
Underneath your microscope –
Is no holiday

One thought on “Some research and public involvement haikus

  1. My humble additions

    Haiku 1 
    Gentle breeze of involvement
    In time require some 
    Lightening storms

    Haiku 2
    Too many questions
    Like leaves from tree
    Cast on four winds

    Haiku 3
    Even bleak in winter 
    Snowdrops appear
    Presence inspiring

    Haiku 4
    Are things different
    When not, new steps
    To be taken 

    Haiku 5
    Maple leaves calling
    Flights of more than fancy
    Learn from First Nations


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