‘Send’ (a poem about personal data) for #NationalPoetryDay

It is National Poetry Day today, October 3rd. Which means I get to inflict more of my poetry on you. Sorry.


You can download me,
You can put a USB stick
Where it hurts
And empty my bad memories.

You can link it, crunch it.
Get the hell out of


Big data, raw data
Harnessed, harvested,
Mined with hard hats,
For the greater good.

Scroll up, scroll down,
Backspace, caps lock.
Numbers, letters, symbols...crashing,
A fatal error has occurred.

Re-boot me, 
Install new software.
Ctrl-alt-delete might be handy at this….


Now I am 
What you see 
On your screen.

Password please.

Just a moment,
I'm your screensaver!
That’s me and mum and dad,
The dog.
And the funny looking boy from next door.

You even have me, 
On file.
In a folder with no name,
On it.


But what is mine,
Is yours,
Is mine,


By the way you can still find the research poem I did for last year's World Poetry Day here.
By Simon Denegri, October 2013

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