Health Research Authority (HRA) publishes its first annual review

It’s no secret that I think the Health Research Authority (HRA) has been doing the right things in the right way since its establishment.  Today, a colleague drew my attention to its recently published annual review (see the first of the named publications on its home page).  It gives a good account of itself as you would expect.

Normally the publication of an annual review is not a notable event.  But this is its first. It gives a good summary of some key activities.  And, to be honest, that it includes public involvement is a marker that this issue will be part of its annual reporting (an excellent bit of good practice!).

The transparency debaters will want to note its section on transparency. Public involvement colleagues will be interested in its statement that it will publish its ‘involvement strategy’ during the summer.  Also that it will establish a citizens panel in due course although I am less fussed about that – in fact the danger of these forums is that they can close down dialogue rather than open up issues for wider discussion.

Good graphics at the end of the report as well which show the amount of activity going through research ethics committees.  It is a lot more than you think.



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