Academic Health Science Networks (AHSN) map and tender details for new AHSCs

I noticed a colleague had posted these on the Academic Health Sciences Network (AHSN) Linkedin group discussion site (you will have to sign in/register). So thought it would be good to share them with a wider public audience.  Particularly as I would have thought an announcement following the tender process is due shortly.

 An overall map of the AHSN territories has been provided by East Midlands AHSN at

The prospective AHSNs are:
North East and North Cumbria
North West Coast
Greater Manchester
Yorkshire & Humber
East Midlands
West Midlands
The Eastern
West of England
Imperial College Health Partners
UCL Partners
South London
Kent, Surrey and Sussex
South West Peninsula

Yesterday, NIHR also announced the competitive exercise for the new Academic Health Science Centres (AHSCs).  These will be nested within AHSNs but they won’t provide full national coverage (there are currently five Centres for instance).  This extract from the guidance document published yesterday is quite helpful in explaining the distinction between Networks and Centres:

“AHSCs are distinct entities from AHSNs. AHSNs will drive diffusion and uptake of proven innovations throughout the NHS, and will provide full geographical coverage in England. As stated in

Innovation Health and Wealth, Accelerating Adoption and Diffusion in the NHS, “the designation AHSC is distinguished by its world-class research capability, clinical excellence, strong collaborative governance, competitive approach to management of IP, strong track record of productive research collaborations with the life sciences industry and emerging clinical data informatics platforms”. The designation of AHSCs will be made only to those elite NHS provider/university partnerships which meet such challenging criteria. It is not the intention that together the designated AHSCs will provide full national geographical coverage.”

Am delighted to see the reference to AHSCs needing to have ‘strong public involvement’ in yesterday’s public announcement.

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