Music Exposure Study: Please take this quick test + help us learn how music affects l/term hearing

Not often that I do this but this important ‘Music Exposure Study’ study is looking for thousands of volunteers and I thought I would help….Please take part and also retweet.

You may have seen this hearing impairment study announced earlier last year.  Researcher, Rob Mackinnon, based at the NIHR Nottingham Hearing Biomedical Research Unit is looking into the effects of exposure to loud music on our long-term hearing.

Robert is quoted in the article on the University of Nottingham website linked-to above that: “The results of this study will not just be used to help answer the question of if  music exposure is damaging, but how much it is damaging. This will allow us to begin to better define safe listening limits — prevention is better than cure.”

In his email to Robert added: My PhD project needs people aged 18-65 who speak English to a native level and don’t have a cochlear implant to participate. It is investigating the effect that loud music exposure has on our hearing. It involves doing an online hearing test and an online questionnaire. It doesn’t matter if they have a hearing loss or not, nor if they have loud music/noise exposure or not.



All you need is access to a PC.

You’ll also be doing me a favour as I develop plans for NIHR for doing more of this sort of study online and using social media…more news on this later


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