Research in the NHS: I couldn’t put it better than Cumbria Partnership NHS Trust

Recently I decided to ‘Follow’ as many of the NHS organisations (Trusts, CCGs etc) as I could find on Twitter.

The main reason was that as we ratchet up what we do around the patient access to research agenda in the New Year, I thought it would be good to begin to make connections on social media. What I hadn’t quite expected was that being able to see their twitter feeds has provided a fascinating insight into NHS activity. Better still that some would contact me with some brilliant examples of what they are doing in research.

Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is one such example. They have a great research page. They also have an excellent YouTube video about the importance of research to the Trust with some excellent messages for patients and NHS staff.

Always happy to post similar examples. And I know Cumbria Partnership are interested to hear how other Trusts are using social media in an NHS context.

Don’t forget that NIHR CRN CC has a project up and running to support NHS Trust link-up and share good practice on partnering patients in improving access to NHS research. The web pages are being constructed as we speak. And yes, I shot this video at home. The occasional wisp of smoke outside the window is from my neighbour’s boiler flue (in case you were wondering).

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