Testing, testing: please put Testing Treatments interactive through its paces

With the sort of timing which makes me wonder whether I missed my vocation as a TV scheduler it only seems right that, on the day the House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee has announced its inquiry into access to clinical trial data, I should ask you to road-test ‘TestingTreatments interactive.’

‘Testing Treatments interactive’ is the website version of the book of the same name first published in 2006.  A second edition appeared in 2011 written by Imogen Evans, Sir Iain Chalmers, Hazel Thornton and Paul Glasziou.  I would say it is essential reading for patients, the public, health professionals and others.  It explains why it is important to test treatments fairly. But also how to recognise reliable research and what you can do to improve it.  A pretty good primer for the current debate.

The point about the site is that not only can you read the book but it also contains many extras – podcasts, papers, games etc.

At the moment visitors to ‘Testing Treatments interactive‘ are being asked to help improve it by completing a survey .  They particularly looking for feedback from patients and the public.  And you might win a signed copy of the book if you do.


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