Australia launches new clinical trials website for consumers and it’s not as good as the UK’s (UKCTG)

We do beat ourselves up on a regular basis in this country.  Sometimes appropriately.  But often the punches fly a little too freely.

Australia have launched a new clinical trials website today to boost patient recruitment.  It has strengths.  But it is not as good as our own UK Clinical Trials Gateway (UKCTG).  For one main reason.  While on UKCTG you can search for the trials that are open with just one click.  Australia points you to a number of sites which you then have to choose from to begin your search.  Which makes it one, two, or possibly three (Skippy) clicks away from being useful.  Seems to also want to meet the needs of all audiences whereas UKCTG is focused on the patient.  And does anyone else think it looks uncannily like ours  in terms of format and style, or is that just me?

If you want to know what’s happening with the UKCTG Patient and Public Survey, I am getting there!  I’m just in the process of re-drafting the report of the results and thinking about the recommendations.  In the meantime, UKCTG is now getting 7000+ hits a month.  Not bad with no real marketing behind it.  I’ve said enough for one day.

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