Canada charts a path out of its clinical research ‘death valleys’ (their words not mine!)

As you know, I do like to wander abroad from time to time, even if it is only on the internet…

I thought this piece in PharmaTimes about the pump-priming of clinical research in Canada by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR)/pharma companies might be of general interest to people.  The aim is to see their way out of two ‘death valleys’ in the field as identified in their ‘patient-orientated research strategy.’

Interestingly, the Cooksey review here in the UK six years ago, took a long, hard look at the Canadian model for research as one to adopt here.  People may disagree but I would say that we now have a model here that is not only successful but attracting considerable attention in other countries.

However, with my ‘public and patient’ hat on I do like the fact that they call if a ‘patient-orientated research strategy’ (that word ‘patient’ is missing all too often in what we do!) and the references to engagement and participation in this article are interesting.  I shall be meeting some of our Candian colleagues next month so hope to learn a lot more.  And will report accordingly!

Budget tomorrow……

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