Pro-research NHS Trusts talk in-depth about their challenges and opportunities

After my little rant yesterday about health research culture and public involvement, it seems only appropriate to share with you the following in the interests of journalistic balance.

The latest NIHR Clinical Research Network (CRN) newsletter, aptly called ‘News from the Network,’ is a special edition featuring in-depth features on the NHS Trusts who were shortlisted for the Health Service Journal (HSJ) research culture award last year.  You can also get it via the NIHR website.

Some really good stories in here.  I haven’t read them closely enough with my ‘patient’ hat on but I liked the quote from Portsmouth that they believe every patient who enters the hospital should have the opportunity to join a clinical trial.  Hear hear.

The inner back page is interesting in that it shows the not inconsiderable number of NHS Trusts who entered for the award.  But I still stand by my words from yesterday.

Looks a thoroughly good read that will sit neatly next to our household’s weekly deliveries of ‘Grazia,’ ‘Match of the Day,’ ‘Dr Who’ and ‘The Lancet.’  Yes, it’s my eleven year old son who reads the ‘Lancet.’  I’ll let you guess which of the other ones is my publication of choice.

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