How’s your NHS Trust doing in the research league tables? Is Leeds the Man City of NHS Research? Does Bridgewater deserve the hairdrier treatment?

So NIHR CRN CC/The Guardian have today published a league table of how each NHS Trust is performing in research as defined by the number of research studies and the number of patients taking part.  I believe this is the first time such a table has been compiled and a thoroughly good thing it is too.

There’s also an article from Pharma Times here that gives a bit more insight.  Jonathan Sheffield, Chief Exec of NIHR CRN CC, is quoted and I must say things have really started to happen since he came on board.

Attention will focus on the top and bottom of the league table I suspect. But it is interesting the leanness of clinical trial activity across large swathes of the country.  Pushing this activity upwards has got to be the goal.  So get writing to the NHS Trust Chief Exec.

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