Promoting clinical trial participation

This coming week I am speaking at The Prostate Cancer Charity’s national conference. 20 minutes on public engagement including questions and answers.

My first call to action to the audience is likely to be about encouraging patient participation in clinical trials.

Compared to five or even one year ago there now seems a great deal more being done on this front. About time. Some recent examples I have stumbled upon are as follows:

– I was delighted to see this appear on the National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network Co-ordinating Centre (NIHR CRN CC) website on Friday: In the first of four videos stroke patient, Brin Helliwell, talks about his motivation to become involved in clinical research.

These first-person pieces are extraordinary powerful in encouraging others to come forward. Only today I was reading an equally impactful piece going in the next Ovarian Cancer Action newsletter by a woman who talks positively about her experience.

– Nursing reports that the Diabetes Research Network is on a recruitment drive to increase participation rates which are about 1% of the diabetes population compared to 30% for cancer.

-I also found a piece about the Greater Manchester Diabetes Research Network teaming up with a firm called Cube3 to run a campaign entitled ‘Help Diabetes.’

All this in the week that NIHR also announced it’s new translational partnerships.

Get recruiting! A clinical trial needs you!

PS Will post links to some of the above when next atba proper PC.

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