Are you researchy?

The NHS Future Forum – the recently announced exercise by the Department of Health to get the NHS reforms back on track – has today published a list of its members.  Further names are likely to be added it seems.  It includes a few ‘researchy’ people as we tend to call them here in the office – a useful tag which can extend from Nobel prize winner to a participant in a clinical trial.

Imperial and UCL – which are both full of researchy type people – have both been announced this week as new partners in the UK Clinical Medical Research Institute (UKCMRI) enterprise to be built in London.  The press release is here and, actually, there’s also a rather interesting item about the archeological dig taking place on the site which used to be home to a railway goods yard.

I loved this article from the Belfast Newsletter about a new initiative by the Northern Ireland Cancer Trials Centre (NICTC), formerly known as the Northern Ireland Cancer Clinical Trials Unit to recruit cancer patients and carers to join the Northern Ireland Cancer Research Consumer Forum and infuence research there.

While I am at it, I thought I might also mention Alice Bell’s rather useful (which is much better than simply being ‘interesting’) article about public engagement.  Lots of common sense in here, and if you are about to embark on a public engagement exercise then I fully commend her advice to you as your starting point.

If you are heading north over Easter on your natural break then you may wish to go to one of the many Edinburgh Science Festival Events taking place until 22nd April.  I spoke there once and have never been asked back again!

And on the train journey – or even if you are stuck at home – you might consider entering the Wellcome Trust/Guardian/Observer science writing prize – closing date is 20th May 2011.  That’s if you are researchy minded of course.

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