Guest blog: update on public engagement at ‘The Crick’

Some time ago I invited John Davidson, Communications Director at the Francis Crick Institute, to send a piece about their public engagement activities and plans.  This is what he sent me earlier this week.  It seems somehow fitting with a weekend upon us...... ......There will be large queues waiting patiently but excitedly outside the site... Continue Reading →

I pass the site of the new Francis Crick Institute - formerly known as UKCMRI - every day on my way to work.  Here's a photo of it that I took yesterday evening.  Not the best photo I admit but it was rather windy and I had my hands full.  I'll try and remember to... Continue Reading →

Are you researchy?

The NHS Future Forum - the recently announced exercise by the Department of Health to get the NHS reforms back on track - has today published a list of its members.  Further names are likely to be added it seems.  It includes a few 'researchy' people as we tend to call them here in the office... Continue Reading →

UKCMRI Task Gets Bigger

So the UKCMRI partners were in front of the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee yesterday as were representatives of the local community.  Meanwhile the Science Minister, David Willetts, announced that the Government had agreed the business plan for the new centre as put forward by the Medical Research Council (MRC).   A good day all... Continue Reading →

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