Early signs of science communications entering the doldrums?

A post for discussion rather than one full of wisdom and advice.
I am on the train back to the office after giving the keynote at today’s INVOLVE conference. It has been a rare moment of quiet reflection.
I have been interested to see some of the replies we have had to our requests for support for our Science Communications Awards. Many of the public funders have had to reject our advances on the basis that, I quote: ‘our communications and marketing budget has been slashed.’
A worrying soundbite and I’d be interested in hearing comments from people who are sensing the same or working in an organisation where it is happening. How bad is it? Happy to accept anonymous posts.
Corporates – well most if you discount BP – learnt long ago of the need to elevate Comms and reputation to Board level. Also the huge risk of underinvesting in good communications as protection for when the roof falls in.
Given the roof over science is leaking, how well protected are we?
And I haven’t even mentioned the impact on public engagement generally…

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