Science is Vital Rally in London

UPDATE:  Prateek Buck, a scientist at UCL, has written a first-person account/guest blog of the rally which appeared on GuardianUnlimited a few hours ago.

Such a great day.  You can here the speeches from the rally at the Guardian online here.  And there’s a good piece on BBC News Online.

Please keep signing the petition which is up to 24,400+ at the time of writing – and write to your MP.  Plus don’t forget there is the lobby of parliament on Tuesday afternoon, more details on the Science is Vital website.

My eight year old son, Henry, was on camera duty and here are a couple of shots he took including one of me speaking from the stage.  Vivenne Hill, the Alzheimer’s Research Trust champion who spoke with me, is to my right.

2 thoughts on “Science is Vital Rally in London

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