CSR – AMRC reaction on science settlement


The full spending review document can be seen here. Note the very explicit reference and commitment to the Medical Research Council (MRC) including expenditure growth in real terms (p52). We have just had a message through from NIHR which repeats the spending review document messages and is heavy on language about pulling through the benefits of science for patients and the economy. This result seems clearer for medical and health research than it does other areas of science.

Now seems a good idea to also unveil our excellent policy blog which gives you the low-down on the statements and people’s reactions.

Our immediate reaction to today’s spending review announcement on science:

‘Is this a slam-dunk for science? No, of course not. Is this a good result in the circumstances? Yes, probably. Today’s spending review announcement at least ensures continuity as well as stability in science funding for the foreseeable future. But I remain concerned about the added demands it will place on charity funding of research.  As ever, the fine print will need careful reading.

What may turn out to be more important in the long-term is the fact that HM Treasury have been won over by the arguments about how science drives the nation’s wealth, health and wellbeing.  We need to push on from here and work together to strengthen UK medical and health research so that patients can benefit from new thinking and treatments.’

Simon Denegri

Chief Executive

Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC)

We’ll be doing more analysis later in the day.

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