Cable and Willetts in show of dual support

I did warn you that things would really get going this week….and with two speeches in as many days you can be forgiven if you feel as if you have taken a left hook and then a right hook in quick succession.

Science Minister, David Willetts, was on the stump at a Universities UK conference today.  He used his speech to say that universities have become too focused on research.  You can find a BBC Online piece here.  And I am sure many of you also heard Willetts on the today programme this morning interpreting yesterday’s speech by Vince Cable.  The Independent covers it here.  And just to show that I for one will not be applying a cap to my readership wherever they come from, here’s a piece from WalesOnline which is rather good in capturing views of experts there including nobel prizewinner Sir Martin Evans.

In the hurly burly yesterday it was remiss of me not to mention that the Academy of Medical Sciences had published its response to the Comprehensive Spending Review.

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