Lancet study puts NIHR top of the intl league table for health research in the public interest inc. public involvement @TheLancet

Yesterday the Lancet published a study by Mona Nasser, Mike Clarke, Iain Chalmers and others looking at how well eleven international research founders are doing to reduce waste in research. This follows a series of articles by Chalmers et al over the last couple of years on the same issue. The study scored funders using... Continue Reading →

While scientists argue it out on ‘statins island’ what are the public meant to do? #statins

Battling scientists, warring doctors, sparring academic journals - what are we to make of the statins debate? It is on days like this, in an age when every aspect of public life is under ever intense scrutiny, that science can appear as if it exists on an island all its own. Whatever The Lancet's intentions behind its... Continue Reading →

Is science at ease with itself?

Trust, respect and openness have felt big themes for the week. I was really sorry not to get to 'Sense about Science's' annual lecture not least because it meant I missed Director, Tracey Brown, do one of her fabulous welcomes and introductions.  The main act was Cambridge University historian, Professor Richard Evans, who examined the relationship... Continue Reading →

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