A good dose of public insight is needed to help the medicine go down – new @acmedsci report! #evidence

It's all over the media today...... Only about one third of the British public say they trust the evidence derived from medical research. Confronted with media hype, claim versus counter-claim, a paucity of good quality accessible information and time-short GPs, and with few reliable tools to help them, patients are struggling to make sense of... Continue Reading →

While scientists argue it out on ‘statins island’ what are the public meant to do? #statins

Battling scientists, warring doctors, sparring academic journals - what are we to make of the statins debate? It is on days like this, in an age when every aspect of public life is under ever intense scrutiny, that science can appear as if it exists on an island all its own. Whatever The Lancet's intentions behind its... Continue Reading →

Statins: medicine sprinkles its pills but this ain’t no fairy dust

When a news story features as a topic of conversation in the queue for the school play you know something is happening, right?On Friday I overheard two parents talking about statins while waiting for the doors to open for the final performance of the 'Aristocrats.'Earlier in the day the National Institute for Healthcare Excellence (NICHE)... Continue Reading →

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