Flying the ‘standards’ for public involvement in health research: new initiative launched. Sign up here. @OfficialNIHR @NIHRINVOLVE @ResearchWales #ppistandards

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) together with its Welsh equivalent, Health and Care Research Wales, have joined forces to launch a project to develop standards for public involvement in research. The Public Involvement Standards Development Partnership has a website which went live today  where you can learn more and sign up to be... Continue Reading →

There’s nothing wrong in being a poster child for public involvement @bournemouthuni

The small things in life can tell us much about how the world is changing. Whether it's commuters carrying bottles of water. Or the papers left on trains at the end of a journey. What might such tell-tale signs of cultural change be, when it comes to public involvement? Is it the fact that public involvement... Continue Reading →

We are in danger of running public involvement in health on Ryanair principles

Patient and public advocates in health and social care would make bloody good pilots. Year after year we ask them to help successfully land projects and initiatives in 'fuel critical' situations. They are having to carry more, and further. But for how much longer before someone has to declare a real fuel emergency? And a... Continue Reading →

PPI Toolkit

I was rather upset to see a journalist write rather disparagingly about the I-Spy series of books as 'patronising.'  Personally I was delighted to hear that they had been relaunched by Michelin. The fact is, in this information-laden world of ours, the value of pocket-sized guides could not be greater.  So I was delighted to... Continue Reading →

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