Swipe here to donate…Tissue donation for research: what’s your view? Blog and survey.

The aforementioned survey is after the blog post if you can't stand the thought of reading this intro..... I somehow think that 'data' will be a significant feature of my life over the next few weeks.  Next week I am a panellist at the NIHR/ABPI conference '360 of Health Data: Harnessing Big Data for Better... Continue Reading →

The competition/chugging/hunt/fight [delete as inappropriate] for your DNA has only just begun…..

The BBC is this morning running a story on its online health pages about the launch of the UK Personal Genome Project - a UK subsidiary of a US initiative - and its 'hunt' for 100,000 volunteers to share their DNA to help fight disease. Like others, I am not sure I feel totally comfortable about... Continue Reading →

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