Willetts on the science settlement

An extract from today's speech by the Science Minister, David Willetts, at the HEFCE conference in London.  Medical research charities will be pleased with the recognition of their role in delivering research that he mentions several times: The other main news from the Chancellor yesterday concerned funding for science and research. It is good news … Continue reading Willetts on the science settlement

Science at the Conservative Party Conference

Two down, one to go.  Here's science related 'matter' at the Conservative Party Conference which starts in Birmingham tomorrow. Birmingham University was of course the venue for the Science Minister, David Willett's, first speech after taking office.  I am looking forward to being one of the hosts when he joins us for a roundtable breakfast … Continue reading Science at the Conservative Party Conference

Coming down to earth – regulators, dementia taxes, collaboration and new generation politics

I think it was Simon Carr in the Independent who said that Ed Milliband opened his arms at the beginning of his speech as if welcoming the assembled earthlings to his world. I certainly feel as though I have come back down to earth today.  An early train back to London from Manchester to a … Continue reading Coming down to earth – regulators, dementia taxes, collaboration and new generation politics

Venture capitalists weigh in on science funding debate

I spoke at an interesting event last week organised by OneNucleus, a membership organisation which brings together international life science and healthcare companies.  The audience was packed with representatives of both large and small companies including many biotechs.  It was the day before Vince Cable's speech and much concern about what he would or would not … Continue reading Venture capitalists weigh in on science funding debate

The science base in parliament

Last night saw the annual dinner of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Medical Research. The guest speaker was Dr Venki Ramakrishnan. Venki was awarded the the 2009 Nobel Prize in Chemistry and gave an incisive and refreshingly down-to-earth summary of the challenges and opportunities faced by UK science. The ensuing discussion was chaired expertly by … Continue reading The science base in parliament

Unfinished business – clinical research

There has been much to dwell upon since our workshop for member charities 'Clinical research - working with NIHR' a fortnight ago. This is the fourth workshop on clinical research that AMRC has held in as many years.  Each has attracted more delegates than the one before - a fact indicative of the increasing interest among … Continue reading Unfinished business – clinical research

Research charities on the world stage

Occasionally I post things up on the blog simply to illustrate different aspects of how UK medical research charities work. Last week the office noticed this rather cool interactive research map produced by the Meningitis Research Foundation (MRF) which shows the different projects supported by MRF around the world.  A good example is its project … Continue reading Research charities on the world stage

What defines medical research charities?

It normally grates on me when someone makes passing reference to football or their favourite team in search of the common touch.  So forgive me for doing the same just this once.  It does serve a purpose.....of sorts. I am sure that those familiar with football punditry - and even those who are not - will have … Continue reading What defines medical research charities?

Research Impact

At some point I shall steel myself to write a lengthier blog on the subject of evaluating research impact.  Not least because it is a subject dominating the higher education press right now. However, this week the following report by Action Medical Research - one of our members - came across my desk.   And I thought it … Continue reading Research Impact

Medical research in Scotland

Last week I was in Scotland to host a meeting of some of our member charities about how we  might support their work to ensure science and research is firmly on the agenda of the Scottish Assembly.  Held in a curtained-off room in a Starbucks cafe I couldn't help wonder whether this was how it felt in … Continue reading Medical research in Scotland

A Wellcome round-up to the research week

While the Home Office struggles to recover from its Nutt allergy the rest of us have been busy funding and promoting good science. Our communications officer, Sara, tells me that if I use more searchable terms in my blog headlines I will get more visitors.  'What, more than the million or so I receive each day?' I said.  Anyway, … Continue reading A Wellcome round-up to the research week

Dialogue by numbers

I am writing this while sitting in a cafe in the exhibition area at the Labour Party Conference in Brighton. Such are the wonders of modern technology! Gordon Brown's speech is over and the crowds have more or less dispersed. All the action has moved to nearby tv and radio studios where the debate will … Continue reading Dialogue by numbers