Churches’ late showing on ‘three-person baby’ issue is based on a wing and prayer not evidence

I hope those MPs who have yet to decide how to vote in tomorrow's parliamentary debate on the statutory instrument on mitochnodrial donation - 'three-person babies' - will take a few minutes to listen to Sharon Bernardi in this BBC News report from the weekend.  Sharon has lost seven children to mitochonria disease and her appeal for this legislation... Continue Reading →

Blog: We have the public to thank for this week’s well-informed decisions in health research

We have had two pieces of good news about health research of patient benefit this week. First, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) issued new guidance saying that tamoxifen or raloxifene taken daily for five years can cut breast cancer risk by 40%.  This means women at risk of developing breast cancer have... Continue Reading →

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