How evidence empowers consumers…from the Cochrane Collaboration

The Cochrane Collaboration has just launched a new website which explains how systematic reviews work, and the ways in which consumers can use the Cochrane reviews to inform decisions about their own health. Entitled 'YourHealthNet' there are some very honest and candid appraisals of the usefulness of Cochrane reviews, how the evidence can be both empowering but also... Continue Reading →

Regulators push openness agenda on raw trial data…and EUPATI issues call for examples of educational materials on medicines development

Yes, that is a long headline is it not?  PharmaTimes and others cover a paper in PloS Medicine authored by a number of medicines regulators including the European Medicines Agency (EMA), calling for openness in raw trial data. The three pronged approach they suggest looks like a good basis for discussion.  It would be interesting... Continue Reading →

The ALOIS Community: carers and the public decoding Alzheimer’s disease

On Tuesday I tweeted from the invoNET workshop I was Chairing, about some of the fabulous studies of public involvement in research being showcased during the day.  I highly recommend you visit the website invoNET to discover more about - and join - the burgeoning evidence and community in this field. As is typical on such days,... Continue Reading →

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