Mr #BoatyMcBoatface was a shipwreck waiting to happen in a world of science with no lighthouses

Blushes all round. ‘Boaty McBoatface’ is the name that has come top in a Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) online public poll to name their new £200 million pound research vessel setting sail in 2019. Oops! An NERC panel must now meet – no doubt in a dark, wood-panelled corner and with cold flannels... Continue Reading →

YouTube is becoming the test tube of science comms – here’s 27 examples worth viewing @OfficialNIHR

The rise of YouTube is something to behold. In last week's Sunday Times - under the headline of 'From YouTube to our tube' - Youtube's CEO Susan Wojcicki talked at length about how she wants the company to become the world's most important broadcaster.  And if life in my household is anything to go by then... Continue Reading →

No more medical breakthroughs please! (Apart from real ones.)

There is a large and seething brambles bush at the corner of my house which is being cut down this weekend.  It reminds me of the thorny undergrowth of jargon and words without meaning that smother a lot of science communication.  All to the detriment of public understanding.  Like those brambles the language that surrounds  science needs a good prune.............. Such is... Continue Reading →

Roll-up, roll-up, for the British Library ‘Access to Understanding’ awards event

Next week sees the awards ceremony for the first ever Access to Understanding Europe PMC science-writing competition. You can still get tickets for the awards event  here  which will take place at the British Library on Monday 11th March from 6.30 to 8.30pm. At the event, there will be a few words from each of the judging panel,... Continue Reading →

Writing competition open for entries – win an iPad and article in eLife #A2UComp

And if you already have one you can always re-gift it (to me)!  This is a new science writing competition for researchers and I shall be one of the judges I am delighted to say. The 'Access to Understanding' writing competition for bioscience researchers has been launched by Europe PubMed Central and The British Library... Continue Reading →

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